Department of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, as a separate unit of the Institute of Geology of AMU, was established on 1st October 2014. The Department consists of a team of scientists dealing with topics on the borderline of natural and technical sciences. The team members were previously employed at other departments of the Adam Mickiewicz University and at the Poznań University of Life Sciences. The currently ongoing research topics conducted by the Department’s team are:

  • examination of the influence of geological processes on engineering properties of soils,
  • analysis of the usage of the in – situ advanced geotechnical tests (CPTU, DMT, SDMT) for parametric evaluation and modeling the subsoil,
  • analysis of possibilities of the development of the geological environment for construction.

The Department’s scientists are members of the scientific organizations, advisory bodies and professional associations, e.g.: The Commission for Geological-Engineering Documentation in the Polish Ministry of the Environment, Polish Committee on Geotechnics, Polish Committee of Engineering Geology and Environment, Committee for Quaternary Research at the Poznań branch of Polish Academy of Sciences, Section of Geotechnics and Underground Infrastructure at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Geological Society. They also have a vast amount of practical experience, the department’s scientists are authors of numerous geological-engineering and geotechnical documentation.

Furthermore, the department’s team is a co-organizer of periodic international workshops, the last of which, titled '5th International Workshop on CPTU and DMT in soft clays and organic soils’, was held in the autumn 2014.

The department’s team leads didactic courses for three programs of full-time studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, i.e.: Geology, Water Management, Environmental Protection, as well as Postgraduate Geological Studies. They carry courses such as: Engineering Geology, Ground properties, Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics, Geological – Engineering Designing and Documenting. University teachers employed within the department supervise numerous undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students in programs of geology, environmental engineering, spatial management and landscape architecture. The Department of Engineering Geology and Geotechnics supervises the newly introduced undergraduate engineering specialization in program Geology – Engineering geology with geotechnical fundamentals.