The current research works of the Department team:

  • Analysis of the using advanced geotechnical in – situ tests (CPTU, DMT, SDMT) for parametric evaluation and modeling of subsoil environment – project carried out in cooperation with Hebo – Poznań Ltd.

  • Młynarek Z., Wierzbicki J., Mańka M. Constrained deformation and shear moduli of loesses from CPTU and SDMT tests. Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika (prepared for printing)
  • Młynarek Z., Wierzbicki J., Gogolik S., Bogucki M., 2014 – Shear strength and deformation parameters of peat and gyttja from CPTU, SDMT and VT tests. [In:] CPTU and DMT in soft clays and organic soils, Młynarek Z., Wierzbicki J. (red.). Exemplum, Poznań: 193-210
  • Wierzbicki J., Młynarek Z., 2012 – Identification of overconsolidation effect by in situ tests (in Polish). Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika, nr 4/2012: 277-285 

  • Research of the influence of geoengineering properties of subsoil on the bed erosion rate of Warta River downstream the Jeziorsko reservoir – project carried out by Institute of Geology AMU and private funds in cooperation with Geoprojekt-Poznań Ltd.

  • Wierzbicki J., Smaga A., 2014 – Repeatability analysis of geoengineering layers in river valley (in Polish). Przegląd Geologiczny 62, 10/2: 721-726
  • Smaga A., 2014 – Analysis of spatial variability of relative density values in the Warta River alluvial. [In:] Interdisciplinary issues in mining and geology, Drzymała J., Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław: 197 – 201, ISBN 978-83-937788-5-0
  • Smaga A., 2014 – Model of the erosion rate of non-cohesive subsoil. [In:] Knowledge and experiments in the building industry, Bzówka J., Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice: 181-188, ISBN 978-83-7880-191-7 (in Polish with English abstract)
  • Smaga A., 2013 – The spatial analysis of diversity of geotechnical parameters in aspect of erosion in Warta river bed downstream of the Jeziorsko reservoir. [In:] Current research and analysis of civil engineering, Bzówka J., Wydawnictwo Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice: 161 – 170, ISBN 978-83-7880-058-3 (in Polish with English abstract)
  • Smaga A., 2012 – Values of geotechnical parameters of river valley sediments and river erosion. [In:] Interdisciplinary issues in mining and geology, Drzymała J., Ciężkowski W. Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej, Wrocław: 344 – 354, ISBN 978-83-7493-678-1 (in Polish with English abstract)
  • Młynarek Z., Stefaniak K., Wierzbicki J., 2012 – Geotechnical parameters of alluvial soils from in-situ tests. Archives of Hydro-Engineering and Environmental Mechanics. IBW PAN, vol. 59(1): 3–22 

  • Analysis of the management of the geological environment for building purposes – project carried out in the framework of master’s theses.

  • Wierzbicki J. Stefaniak K., Boczkowski B. Analysis of selected geotechnical properties of peat, according to the species and natural moisture. Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika (be published in the 2015).
  • Radaszewski R., – Density index characteristic of soils from selected morphological forms from Wielkopolska region. (prepared for printing in Przegląd Geologiczny)

  • Variability analysis of compaction of grain skeleton of genetically diverse non – cohesive soils from Polish Lowland with determination of cause of the compaction – project initially carried out from KBN grant and currently in the framework of master’s theses and private funds

  • Radaszewski R., – Time and rate of aeolian sediments deposition from Warta – Noteć interfluve area. (prepared for printing in Geological Quarterly)
  • Radaszewski R., 2011 – Influence of selected environmental factors on the compaction of non-cohesive soils in view of experimental studies. Nauka Przyroda Technologie, 5 (5) #93: 1-13
  • Radaszewski R., Nowak M., 2011 – The importance of water infiltration in the process of non-cohesive soils compaction based on investigations in groundwater intakes for the Poznan city and experimental studies. Biuletyn Państwowego Instytutu Geologicznego, 445: 529-540
  • Radaszewski R., Wierzbicki J., 2011 – On the applicability of in situ soil probings to geological analyses. Geologos, 17 (1): 5-16
  • Radaszewski R., Wierzbicki J., 2007 – Description of the density of aeolian sands and direct background of dunes in the Warta – Noteć interfluve area. [In:] Recent problems of engineering geology in Poland, Radaszewski R., Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Geologos, XI: 253-266, ISBN 978-83-60247-74-7

  • Possibility of correlation of selected geoengineering parameters of soils obtained from different research technics and procedures – project carried out in the framework of master’s theses.

  • Radaszewski R., Białooki R., – Analysis of usefulness of DPL tests for in-situ testing of cohesive soils of the Vistula glaciation from Lubsko i Poznań region. (planned to be published in Nauka Przyroda Technologie)
  • Radaszewski R., Stefaniak K., Comparative analysis of parametric characteristics of compressibility of selected mineral and organic soils obtained from cone penetration tests and edometric tests using IL and CRS methods. (planned to be published)